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  LOU Xinchou
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  19B YuquanLu, Shijingshan District, Beijing
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Education and Professional Affiliations

B.S., Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics, University of Science and Technology of China

Ph.D. State University of New York at Albany

Postdoctoral Associate, Indiana University

Scientific Associate, European Lab for Particle Physics (CERN)



Dr. Lou’s research interests focus on elementary particle physics experiments at electron-position colliders, high performance cluster computing, and application of data mining techniques to other fields of research. He is currently searching for new elementary particles, measuring charmonium production with the BABAR detector located at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.


Research Interests

Xinchou Lou specializes in heavy flavor physics at e+e- colliders, offline computing and Monte Carlo simulations.



His current focus is on the BABAR experiment exploring charm and B physics. He has special interests in new analysis techniques and under-explored physics. He devised the Initial State Radiation (ISR) technique for B-factory experiment to probe physics at low energy in e+e- annihilations. His direct observation of psi(2S) signal in the radiative return at center of mass energy 10.6 GeV was among the first physics results from the BABAR experiment and provided the validation for the ISR technique. He is currently studying production and decays of charmonia, hybrids and multiple charm quark pairs. Lou is also searching for other new heavy states produced in ISR production as well as in B meson decays.


Together with his colleagues, Lou has discovered the Y(4260) particle at UTD using the ISR technique from data collected at SLAC. Recently he, Dr. Ye and graduate student Glenn Williams have completed an analysis confirming the discovery of double charm events by the Belle international collaboration, an intriguing behavior of nature in producing pairs of the J/psi meson. These important research results provide physicists with clues of nature’s strong interaction between quarks, the building block of most matters.


Dr. Lou has built a 128-CPU, multi-TB Linux computer for BABAR Monte Carlo production and data analysis. During the period 2000-2004, Dr. Lou served four terms on the national College Board SAT II Physics Development Committee.