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  QIN Qing
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  19B YuquanLu, Shijingshan District, Beijing
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Qin Qing, male, born in 1967. Ph.D. in Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics, Graduate School of CAS, 1991 and 2001. Worked at CERN as a visiting scholar for the design study of the Large Hadron Collider. Be awarded the Grant from National Science Fund of China for Distinguished Young Scholars in 2007. Supported by “Hundred-Talent Program “of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2012. Professor, Head of Accelerator Center, and Assistant Director of IHEP. 

Areas of Research: Accelerator physics and technology 

Achievement and Experience: 

Experienced in machine physics during the routine operation for high energy physics, synchrotron radiation users and the upgrade of BEPC. Designed and commissioned the lattice of collision at J/Psi, obtained the peak luminosity of BEPC at J/Psi energy. Obtained the largest amount of J/Psi and Psi' data with the team. Summarized the scaling law of bunch lengthening then the impedance model in BEPC. Systematically observed, measured and analyzed the dust effect in the operation of dedicated synchrotron radiation mode of BEPC, and proposed ways to cure it. Successfully commissioned the injection and collision modes for the key energy points of the 2-year long R value experiment at BEPC.Found the solution of the linear and non-linear lattices for collision in the condition of keeping all the BEPC beam lines unchanged in BEPCII. In charge of the commissioning of synchrotron radiation and collision modes of BEPCII. In charge of the operation of BEPCII from 2011, leading the accelerator team to promote the BEPCII luminosity to 6.5´1032cm-2s-1 at the design energy in 2011, 7.1´1032cm-2s-1 in 2013.  

Published 40 peer-reviewed papers as first author and co-author, and 60 papers in various meetings and conferences. Co-authored one textbook for graduate student.