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  PAN Weimin
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  19B YuquanLu, Shijingshan District, Beijing
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Pan Weimin, male, born in 1959, obtained his Master’s Degree in the China Institute of Atomic Energy in 1986. Now, he is a professor and Associate Director of IHEP. 

Areas of Research: Accelerator technology and application 

Achievement and Experience: 

  In charge of improving the microwave phase stability of the accelerator for Beijing Free Electron Laser (BFEL) project to a top level within China.  

  In charge of setting up system of RF power source and transmission, and high power couplers for superconducting cavities of Beijing Electron Positron Collider Upgrade (BEPCII). 

  In charge of the self-development of 500 MHz super-conducting high power couplers, with tested power exceeding 420kW, which is up to advanced world levels. 

  Successfully completing the R&D of high order mode absorber for 500 MHz super-conducting cavity, which was the first one in China and broke the oversea technology monopoly. 

  Leadership in the development of the first 500 MHz RF high power test platform and its load. 

  In charge of developing the first domestic 500 MHz super-conducting RF cavity (BEPCII spare cavity), which is first one self-development cavity applied to practical operation. 

  As one of the Project Managers of Accelerator Driven Sub-critical System (ADS) Project, in charge of ADS Proton Linear Accelerator, which has achieved important achievements such as the development of very low beta superconducting spoke Cavity, indicating a significant breakthrough in ADS super-conducting cavity technology. Meanwhile, successfully developed RF high power couplers for all kinds of cavities of ADS and reached the highest power in CW within ADS frequency range. 

  Tutored more than ten post-graduate master students or doctoral students; Published many academic papers on magazines and won “Beijing Science & Technology Awards” twice.