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  CAO Zhen
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  19B YuquanLu, Shijingshan District, Beijing,
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Cao zhen received his BS degree at Yunnan Univ. Kunming, China in 1982 Ph. D degree at IHEP Beijing, China in 1994. He worked as a Research Associate in Unvi. Of Oregon, USA on theoretic hadron and heavy ion physics for years before joined the HiRes Fly's Eye Collaboration for ultra high energy cosmic ray physics at Utah, USA in 1998. He was promoted as an Associate Professor in U. Utah in 2003 and as a Professor in IHEP in 2004. He is the deputy director of the Particle Astrophys Lab in IHEP. He is the spokesperson of ARGO-YBJ experiment, PI of the LHAASO project. His current research focuses are 1. High energy cosmic ray physics above (1014 eV); 2. High energy gamma ray astronomy with ARGO-YBJ and LHAASO experiment; 3. Ultra-high energy (UHE) tau neutrino searching above 1015 eV.