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  WANG Dongqi
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Mailing Address 918, Beijing
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Dongqi Wang graduated from from Lanzhou University (B.Sc.), Peking University (M.Sc.) and The University of Hong Kong (Ph.D.). During 2004-2011, he was a coworker of Prof. Walter Thiel (MPI fuer Kohlenforschung) on enzymatic reaction mechanisms (QM/MM), of Prof. Tom Ziegler (University of Calgary) on homogeneous catalysis (QM/MM), and of Prof. Wilfred F. van Gunsteren (ETH Zurich) on the folding equilibria of peptides and dynamics of proteins (MD). Since 2011, he took a faculty position in the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His current research focuses on computational actinoid chemistry (CAC), which covers the applications of QM, MD and QM/MM methods in the study of actinoid chemistry covering the evaluation/development of advance nuclear fuel cycle and the understanding of actinoids in biologic systems and in homogeneous catalysis.